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The Fourth Annual Edition of the Mega-popular Event Technology Landscape has Been Released by Cramer

A popular, simple guide for exploring the hardware, software, and services for event planning, venue and space management, general sessions, breakouts, activations, audience engagement, and more.

Creating Crazy: The Art of Building Footlocker's "Crazy" Trade Show Booth

ComplexCon is the world's biggest streetwear and sneaker trade show.

VideoBooth @ Swisher Sweets Artist Lounge

VideoBooth Inc. teamed up with Swisher Sweets last week to give emerging hiphop artists a platform to prove why they should be on stage at next years Pack Nights!

New York Promo Model Jobs – Now Hiring!

ATN Promo Model and Staffing Agency has New York Promo Model Jobs at some super great fall and winter events.

Must Read Articles

The Millennial Experience

Activation intended to appeal to the millennial demographic needs to be designed as an experience they won’t easily forget.  To do just that, let’s go back to basics and consider the five senses:

Experiential Events: Creating Connections On-site

Here at Hype, we understand that successful event staffing requires more than just a fancy app – it takes human connection.

What You Need to Know: Periscope for Events

If you’re thinking about using the live-streaming app Periscope to extend your event, check out our event marketing usage ideas and tips.

Revolt Upfront

REVOLT, the brainchild of mega-star Sean Combs, is not your typical television network, so a typical Upfront would not suffice. As the new #1 name in music, REVOLT turned to Broadstreet to help it produce its first ever Upfront event.