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The Fourth Annual Edition of the Mega-popular Event Technology Landscape has Been Released by Cramer

A popular, simple guide for exploring the hardware, software, and services for event planning, venue and space management, general sessions, breakouts, activations, audience engagement, and more.

The Millennial Experience

Activation intended to appeal to the millennial demographic needs to be designed as an experience they won’t easily forget.  To do just that, let’s go back to basics and consider the five senses:

VideoBooth @ Swisher Sweets Artist Lounge

VideoBooth Inc. teamed up with Swisher Sweets last week to give emerging hiphop artists a platform to prove why they should be on stage at next years Pack Nights!

Experiential Events: Creating Connections On-site

Here at Hype, we understand that successful event staffing requires more than just a fancy app – it takes human connection.

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How to Humanize the Brand Experience

Emerging online and offline communication channels continue to give brands new opportunities to connect with and engage their target audiences.

The Psychology of Shared Experience

As experiential designers, we spend a considerable amount of time strategizing about how to elicit specific emotions from our audiences. It is, after all, emotions that inform behaviors and generate transformational value for brands.

Experience Re-Design

Every day, we think through pain points within our clients’ brand experiences and work to eliminate them. It’s no surprise then that that our hyper-focus on experience design extends into our personal lives, too. What experiences would we re-design?

Automakers' Digital Imperative

From telematics to autonomous vehicles, there’s no shortage of technological innovation driving the driving the car of the future. The sales and marketing of that car, however, have not quite kept pace. And it’s to the peril of automakers.