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2016 Pokémon World Championship

by ImagiCorps

The Pokémon Company International chose ImagiCorps as their partner to produce the 3-day multinational 2016 World Championship tournament in San Francisco, California.... Read full article

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Consumer Experience

by ImagiCorps

206 inc. asked ImagiCorps to design, engineer and fabricate a custom consumer experience to promote the all-new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite.... Read full article

Microsoft Reactor Program Launch by ImagiCorps

by ImagiCorps

Microsoft Central Marketing Organization (CMO) partnered with ImagiCorps to create a small business incubator program called "The Reactor" which launched in NYC and Philadelphia in 2016. ... Read full article

Creating Crazy: The Art of Building Footlocker's "Crazy" Trade Show Booth

ComplexCon is the world's biggest streetwear and sneaker trade show. ... Read full article

The Best Way to Stand Out at a Trade Show

With over 2,400 exhibitors, 115,000+ attendees, and nearly 1.5 million square feet of space, it’s safe to say the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) is a very busy place. ... Read full article

SHHH…Speak Easy: Building a One of a Kind Brand Activation For Brass Knuckles

Crazy ideas are the name of the game here at Acme. ... Read full article

Acme: Pioneering The New Age of Mall Tours

The History of the Mall Tour Marketing Campaign Contrary to popular belief, ... Read full article

Why a Strategic Partnership is Key to Successful Brand Experiences

Bringing your partner in at the right time helps you achieve experience excellence.... Read full article

Four Signs Your Event Strategy Is on Fire

How strategic planning can set your brand experience ablaze... Read full article

Maximize Your Event Investment: Brand Experience Strategies for Event Marketers

Harness these tips to make your brand experiences even more meaningful.... Read full article