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Packing It In: Why Crates Can Make or Break Your Trade Show

At Exhibit Concepts, this has become somewhat of an unofficial motto around our offices. After 39 years in the trade show, commercial interior, and museum industry, we know all too well that every project and each client is unique. When it comes...... Read full article

Why Creativity Matters: The HIWIN Story

We believe creativity isn’t just delivering fresh, innovative ideas to clients. It goes much deeper than that, into the realm of understanding (and anticipating) their needs, interpreting the vision, and offering solutions along the way.... Read full article

Bringing History to Life: The Computer History Museum

To truly appreciate the present (and future) one must first appreciate history. ... Read full article

Common Mistakes Made by International Exhibitors (And How to Avoid Them)

Are your booth staffers greeting French-speaking attendees in English at a show in Paris? Does your English marketing tagline make sense when translated into Portuguese? ... Read full article

Why Exhibit House Partnership Matters: The Scot Forge Story

Two years ago, Scot Forge was on an important mission: they needed to breathe new life into their trade show marketing program. What shows should they attend? How could they get a good return on their investment?... Read full article

Bright Lights, Big City: 5 Impressions from My First ExhibitorLIVE

What do a mascot, mad scientists, 169 classes, virtual reality, four magicians, video testimonials, skateboards, exams, balloons, Vegas, and aching feet have in common?... Read full article

Millennials vs Everyone Else: Can't We All Just Get Along?

I recently attended a marketing conference and there were many great session topics, but one, in particular, caught my eye. The session write-up described a dialog between a Millennial and a Boomer, suggesting that their differences made it...... Read full article

A Trip Around The World: Must Knows For Global Exhibiting

When expanding your trade show presence to an international stage, it’s important to understand the nuances of culture in each region of the world. Cultural understanding leads to better business practices and will be the difference between...... Read full article

Making Change that Matters

Investing in yourself and your team is always a wise decision in my book. As I reflect on the last year and look to the year ahead, growth has been a consistent thread throughout. I’ve outlined some of the high points of last year and our...... Read full article

How to Understand What Goes on in the Boardroom

It’s a question that has plagued event marketers for decades: what happens behind the scenes in the companies you work with to pitch your product or service?... Read full article