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An Illuminating Rental Exhibit Solution

We believe a rental shouldn’t look like a rental- it should embody a company’s message. ... Read full article

Top 5 Trade Show Trends for 2017

If there is one constant in the trade show industry, it is this: there is always some new development or trend emerging. As the new year is well underway, I’m excited for another great year of innovation in the trade show industry. Here are five...... Read full article

Windows 10 Worldwide launch

ImagiCorps designed, engineered and produced display solutions to produce a series of retail displays to support the Windows 10 Worldwide launch.... Read full article

Five Simple Yet Ultra-Effective Event Sponsorship Opportunities

Different doesn't have to mean flashy. In fact, some of the most effective advertising venues can often be the simplest. For your next event, consider selling these understated yet impactful sponsorship opportunities.... Read full article

What You Need to Know: Periscope for Events

If you’re thinking about using the live-streaming app Periscope to extend your event, check out our event marketing usage ideas and tips.... Read full article

How These 4 Brands Succeeded With Social Media Contests

Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest enable businesses to directly reach current and potential customers, and one creative way to engage this audience is by using contests. Take a look at these examples of four...... Read full article

Verizon Promotional Tour

ImagiCorps creates a flexible and compelling promotional tour for Verizon.... Read full article

5 Event Technologies that Maximize ROI

In the world of event planning, striking a balance between "wow" factor and cost-effectiveness is a constant struggle. However, things are looking up, as new technologies make it feasible to do much more with less.... Read full article

Creating Kid-Sized Brand Experiences

Marketers are busy rolling out pint-sized mobile tours, street campaigns, local activations, and retail engagements—all created to engage kids and their parents. The latest kids experiences are fun, educational and interactive. Here are a few...... Read full article

Event Marketers Face Lowest City Availability Numbers

From venues to hotels to convention centers to full citywides, marketers are waking up to the realization that for many events, options are becoming extremely limited. In an effort to lock down locations and dates, and to make sure they still have...... Read full article