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The Nitty Gritty - Comic-Con Staffing Solutions in 2016

Due to our extensive experience with ComicCon staffing, our internal team has a firm grasp on potential problems that may arise. This is why we have tools already in place to bypass issues BEFORE they...... Read full article

Experiential Marketing Summit 2016

With spring finally in full swing throughout the country, the busy season is upon us. Some experiential tours and in-market activations have started and many more are set to begin soon.... Read full article

Experiential Marketing 2016 – Why invest?

Through social media and word of mouth as consumers we are able to carry a live experience and interaction with a brand well beyond the mere few minutes we have with it at an event.... Read full article

Brand Ambassadors: W-2 or Freelance?

Today less than 1% of event staffing agencies offer W-2 staff. This provides many benefits (financial, legal, etc.) to our clients and brand ambassadors. Why should a client choose W-2 staff/staffing agencies?... Read full article

4 Ways To Execute Street Team Events That Rule

Search the menus (Option+/) 100% $%123 Calibri 10 More Street team marketing can be very hit or miss. In fact, an unsuccessful or lackluster street team can damage the reputation of your. Fear not though! For when done prope... Read full article

Nationwide Event Staffing Agency Tips

Whether you have a strategic nationwide event staffing agency partner like ATN or you do it on your own, here are some of the best practices stay ahead of the pack.... Read full article

SXSW Staffing Solutions!

Solid solutions for SXSW staffing. ATN Promo provides brand ambassadors, promo models, managers, emcees, general laborers and far more for SXSW events.... Read full article

Is Event Staffing a commodity? Are All Vendors The Same?

Is event-staffing a commodity? Are all vendors the same? Choose your partner wisely; Event-Staff are the face and mouthpiece for your brand!... Read full article

Holiday Staffing Agency – Hiring Made Easy

So the busy season is over, right? Actually, no, it isn’t. At ATN Promo, Model and Staffing Agency, we get this. Fall college events, fun holiday programs, and ongoing sporting activations tend to have their own sets of staffing challenges...... Read full article

How To Hire The Right Brand Ambassador - 5 Tips

Choosing the right Brand Ambassador for your event can get tricky. Here are some quick tips to ease the process and find just the right guy or gal for the job!... Read full article