From Big Trends to Deep Dives, Here’s What Cramer Presented at EventTech 2016.

Across the three-day conference, EventTech 2016 showcased the latest technologies, newest trends, top best practices, and biggest case studies. Our team was proud to join the conference creators, Event Marketer magazine, and take the stage for two fast moving sessions.

But, before you dig in, the 2017 edition of our popular Event Technology Landscape is almost ready.

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15 Tech Trends to Bet On

In this fast-paced, trendspotting session we took the audience around the world for a look at the latest, greatest, and new-to-most technologies out there. We uncovered macro trends in our industry, saw how brands are tapping into new technologies, and aimed to inspire new ideas.

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Here are the headlines for the 15 technology-driven trends that were showcased in our presentation:

  1. The Future Is Really Augmented
  2. Hello Virtual Actualization
  3. The Offline Goes Online
  4. Expanding the Quantified Self
  5. Body Hacks Get More Kickstarts
  6. Biometrics Meet Culture
  7. Experiential Art Opens Up
  8. Artificial Intelligence Gets Creative
  9. Artificial Intelligence Is Your New Coach
  10. Robots Get Personal
  11. The Rise of Conversational Interfaces
  12. The Next Wave for Video Messaging
  13. Welcome Back Niche Social Networks
  14. Tech Takes On Social Issues
  15. Group Experiences on Personal Devices

Conversational Interfaces: What They Are, How to Use Them at Events

In this session, we dug into the Who, What, When, Where and Why behind the rise of conversational interfaces, and how they can be used at your next event. With event-based examples as our background, we went under the hood to show how data, design, and technology come together. We then wrapped it up with advice on how event marketers can get started with rapid prototypes and proof of concepts.

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If you would like to dig in further on either of these presentations, please reach out. We’d love to keep the conversations going.


425 University Ave
Norwood, Massachusetts 2062
United States

425 University Ave
Norwood, Massachusetts 2062
United States

November 16, 2016

By Kate Romano