How Porsche Canada Used Limelight’s Software to Create Safe and Contactless Consumer Experiences

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Porsche Canada’s Track Experience is about pushing a Porsche to its limit. One of a kind experiences, Porsche Canada’s goal is to provide a premium track experience for their participants. It is an intensive course, with multiple sessions, designed to hone driving skills from beginner to expert. With new COVID requirements in place, Porsche Canada faced customer experience and communication challenges that needed to be addressed. Challenges Porsche Canada faced:

  • Would Porsche customers and advocates be willing to participate?
  • How do we promote the experience in light of a challenging socio-economic environment?
  • How do we maintain the energy and excitement typically experienced by the group of drivers and instructors with new restrictive rules in place?
  • Can we achieve a premium experience with social distancing and health and safety protocols?
  • How do we maintain the energy and excitement typically experienced by the group of drivers and instructors with new restrictive rules in place?
  • How do we create the relationship building opportunities attendees are accustomed to with groups of drivers separated?



With drivers interest still high, Porsche Canada decided to continue with their Track Experience as early as July 2020. Due to COVID restrictions, Porsche Canada implemented strict safety protocols in accordance with local and provincial guidelines. Without compromising on customer experience, Porsche strategically integrated new health and safety policies as well as utilized technology such as Limelight Platform to capture the performance of the initiative. Key highlights:

  • Health and Safety Protocols: Porsche Canada implemented social distancing policy, mandatory masks wearing and participants were limited to driving one car during the program day.
  • StaySafe Technology: Implementation of Limelight Platform’s contactless registration feature helped check-in attendees at a safe distance.
  • Attendee Experience: With smaller gatherings, Porsche Canada created more intimate experiences for drivers and their instructors to build relationships.
  • Positive Consumer Feedback: Consumer feedback on the new restrictions was positive and did not impede on the consumer experience. They trusted that Porsche would ensure a safe environment.



Attendee sentiment proved true based on high attendance levels. Porsche Canada found that consumers were searching for opportunities to get out of the house in a safe and controlled environment. Porsche Canada offered them exactly that.


We received a lot of feedback and compliments on how well executed the program was and how safe people felt throughout the day

Jennifer Cooper, Manager, Events, Motorsports and Porsche Experience

December 23, 2020

By Limelight