Landing Gear: Boeing Uses a 30,000 Sq Ft Customer Experience Center to Bring Prospects Event Closter to Its Brand and Products

Face-to-face engagement is getting big play across the entire marketing mix at Boeing these days, and it’s paying off. The old-school sales approach of inviting prospects to watch presentations and look at mock-ups has literally been thrown away, replaced by a high-tech, all-touch Customer Experience Center that goes leaps and bounds beyond traditional sales demos.

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Upon entering the 30,000-square-foot space, customers tour interiors of four airplanes. Conference and research rooms provide space for in-depth meetings between Boeing executives and customers, beneath a domed ceiling featuring lit cities on a circular map. Curved walls and ceilings reflect the arcing lines of the livery displayed on the much-buzzed-about Dreamliner 787 aircraft.

“It’s a unique environment in which to talk to customers about overall solutions and services,” says Diana Klug, director-marketing, brand promotion and creative services. “It was designed to spark conversations, to promote conversation, to facilitate conversation.”

From there comes the experiential anchor of the EBC, the Customer Solutions Studio. A completely customizable answer to the challenge of illustrating Boeing’s not-so-tangible services, which include retrofitting aircraft interiors to handling supply chain management, the Studio lets customers see, touch, feel and taste the new Boeing. A main room features a series of screens offering digital video that gives each visitor a full immersion into the services that Boeing offers throughout an aircraft’s lifecycle.

The Studio is entirely RFID-enabled, which allows Boeing to seamlessly tailor every single tour based on who the visitors are. On another wall, the client can view video of the interior of a Boeing aircraft. But with another quick RFID swipe, the system customizes the virtual space to reflect the customer’s branding, corporate colors and messaging. To ensure the RFID technology created the desired ah-ha effect, Boeing installed three card readers. One reader technically would have been enough to power the entire room, but with three units—and three distinct points for Boeing reps to activate personalization—the customer can witness the customization of each area as they approach it.


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January 31, 2013

By Kristy Elisano