Meet the Leaders – Julie Reed

As part of our global expansion plans, Elevate has opened three new offices in Germany, France and Austria to provide brands and partners with greater opportunities to create and deliver multi-market European experiences and events.  

To help our clients get to know the newly appointed Managing Directors for each market, we’ve invited them to answer five questions about the industry and themselves. Elevate France will be based in Paris and led by Julie Reed, who has taken on the role of Managing Director. Julie previously founded staffing agency Experience Engine and brings extensive experience in senior roles at a variety of agencies including Kreate, Tribe and Kru Live. 

How will Elevate’s global expansion plans benefit clients on a local level?  

We’re experts in our own market, but our network allows us to deliver on a global level. Even though we’re based in France, we often work with brands who want to activate worldwide, and a global business like Elevate enables them to do that. So, for example, a luxury French brand may wish to start its campaign here but then take it on tour across the world. We can easily support that. 

Many agencies claim they can deliver activations across multiple countries, but they tend to use partners rather than their own team, and I feel like this often comes across as disjointed. The processes aren’t aligned. From my experience, clients appreciate that they can come to me as their sole point of contact yet still have all the benefits of Elevate’s global network.  

What do you think are the essential components of a successful activation/brand experience?  

It’s the people you use that makes a campaign, and that’s why staffing is so important. The people represent the brand, and they’re the ones who take customers on a journey and convey the most important messages.  

Having a good relationship between teams is key, and so is the briefing process. It’s essential that we understand the brand’s requirements, what they are trying to achieve, and then translate that into finding the perfect ambassadors to be on-site and act as representatives.  

What needs to change in the industry right now?  

France needs to be a lot more open to diversity and inclusion. As a market, we are massively behind on that, and it’s something Elevate is trying to change. There needs to be a clearer understanding within the industry that it’s not about what you look like. Instead, it’s about personality and experience.  

What’s the best piece of advice someone’s ever given you?  

Never take no for an answer. When I need to make something work, I’ll always find a way to do it.    

How do you like to prepare for the day ahead?  

I like to meditate, but it’s an unusual form of meditation. I use an app called Spoke that hasn’t been officially released yet. The person behind it used to be my mentee, so that’s how I know about it. It’s all about music, particularly rap artists and MCs, so it’s not traditional meditation. You can choose the music based on your emotions, and you can also set goals. For example, you can say you want to feel energised, relax, or want to focus or feel creative. That’s how I like to start my day. 

600 N Brand, #520
Los Angeles, California 91203
United States

600 N Brand, #520
Los Angeles, California 91203
United States

August 17, 2021

By Elevate Staffing