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7 Steps for Designing a Sampling Truck of Your Dreams

What makes APEX different than other builders? Why is our design process more elaborate and detailed? Why are APEX food trucks generating the highest ROI? Let’s dig into APEX’s 7 Steps for designing a food truck of your dreams, and eventually...... Read full article

Friends of Public Radio (FPR) Launches Multipurpose Food Truck

Specialty trucks and trailers can be built for a variety of uses – from food service to mobile retail and experiential. APEX recently had the opportunity to partner with FPR for the customization of a custom truck that doubles as a food truck and...... Read full article

Key Differences in Custom-Built Experiential and B2B Trailers

If you simply search “marketing trailers” within Google, you’ll come up with over 350,000 results. Within the results, you can see anything from a DIY trailer to a custom-built trailer, significantly ranging in quality and price. So, what are the...... Read full article

Difference in Marketing Trucks and Trailers

When deciding on what type of platform is best for your needs, allow the APEX team to help understand the differences in marketing trucks and trailers. Both trailers and trucks have advantages and disadvantages specific to each buyer. A large... ... Read full article

5 Reasons to Choose Food Trucks Over Brick and Mortar Restaurants

The age old question…. the difference in start-up costs between food trucks and brick and mortar restaurants. We’ll explore 5 Reasons to Choose Food Trucks over Brick and Mortar Restaurants... Read full article

Food or Sampling Truck Success in 2017

2017 is right around the corner, which means personal and professional goal-setting is in full swing. What steps have you taken to prepare for success in the new year with regards to your mobile marketing, mobile food, sampling or specialty vehicles?... Read full article

Tips for Utilizing Technology in Mobile Marketing Vehicles

What leaves that lasting impression when visitors engage in your mobile marketing vehicle? The ability to incorporate levels of engagement, from vehicle graphics and brand ambassadors to data collection tools to virtual reality integrations.... Read full article

Ways a Mobile Experiential Vehicle Can Add ROI to an Existing Marketing Strategy

One of the leading issues with marketing is measuring success or Return on Investment (ROI) on purchases and campaigns. The use of an experiential marketing vehicle is an opportunity to set definitive goals and include measurement tools within...... Read full article

Basic Tips for Winterizing Marketing, Food & Sampling Trucks

It is time to discuss some basic tips for winterizing marketing, food and sampling trucks as we approach the winter months. ... Read full article

10 Questions To Ask Your Food/Sampling Truck Builder

As a leading agency or brand, you are tasked with finding the most qualified and experienced builder for an upcoming food/sampling truck or specialty vehicle project. ... Read full article