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Cramer Gets Hands-on With Microsoft HoloLens

HoloLens is finally here. Development kits have shipped and Cramer is one of the first agencies to test out the groundbreaking new AR tech.... Read full article

How to Satisfy Attendee "Infolust" At Your Next Event

Cut through the crowds with a simple offering. No, not half-priced... Read full article

Introducing Speak EZ-AR

Speak EZ-AR is the first ever augmented reality (AR) application designed to help those challenged by public speaking overcome their fears.... Read full article

Event Technology 2016: Trends and Takeaways

Your guide to every technology company you need to hold a successful event.... Read full article

Lunar New Year Brings Big Branding Opportunities

In some Asian Culture, Lunar New Year is a major holiday. Time for family & friends gathering, a full feast and red pocket exchange. In China, many companies are closed during this time as employees return to their home town to celebrate the New...... Read full article

Brainy Tour

“We’re smart people, but sometimes we make dumb decisions. Train Your Brain to be smart and safe at railroad crossings.”... Read full article

The Top 5 TED Talks to Jumpstart Your Creativity

Here are five of Cramer’s favorite talks that have helped inspire us to kick our creative brains into action:... Read full article

How to Make the Most of Your Event, After the Event

Picture this. You had 3,000 of your best customers, closest partners, and top prospects seated in one place. They sat anxiously, hopeful, with attention there for the taking. You spent half a year and a million or more dollars to wow them with...... Read full article

How Second Screen Technology Can Push Your Presentation to the Next Level

All Screens Welcome. The answer is not ban phones at your events or meetings. Instead, turn those second screens to your advantage.... Read full article

Looking for a good book to read? We've got three.

Introducing the Make It…books—our latest thinking in content, events, and marketing.... Read full article