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Advanced Projection Mapping Techniques

Five tips for taking projection mapping to the next level. The eye-popping visuals and jaw-dropping reactions that projection mapping elicits from audiences are raising the bar for a/v presentations.... Read full article


Projection mapping is an emerging technology that is breaking all the rules for a/v presentations. That's because with projection mapping, the screen can be almost anything you can imagine. Instead of using traditional theatrical lighting to...... Read full article

Projection Mapping: The Hottest Tech Trend of the Year

New On-Demand Webinar: Projection Mapping. What it is, how it works and why it's so red-hot. Look around. Projection is huge, now being used by all types of event marketers for all types of events, both b-to-b and b-to-c, indoor and outdoor...... Read full article

Mapping Masters: DWP LIVE

Interview with Danny Whetstone, President of DWP Live and Projection Mapping innovator, about how it's done well, where it's going and what makes him passionate about Projection Mapping. ... Read full article