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VideoBooth @ Lindt Golden Bunny Event

Hop into VideoBooth’s green screen photo booth and capture your special Golden Bunny souvenir photo! ... Read full article

5 Reasons Why You Need to Demo

Brand Marketing is about lasting impressions. If you want to increase brand awareness and sales, you need to be doing in-store product demonstrations. Here is why.... Read full article

Windows 10 Worldwide launch

ImagiCorps designed, engineered and produced display solutions to produce a series of retail displays to support the Windows 10 Worldwide launch.... Read full article

Verizon Promotional Tour

ImagiCorps creates a flexible and compelling promotional tour for Verizon.... Read full article

Do Luxury Brands need Pop-up shops?

Ultimately, the retail landscape continues to evolve, and brands and retailers regardless of prestige must change with it, creating omnichannel strategies at the bricks-and-mortar level. HERMÈS is not the first luxury brand to successfully pop-up...... Read full article

How to Pick The Ultimate Pop-Up Location

Pop-up stores may be best known for transforming temporary spaces into high-energy engagement opportunities. Today, though, savvy event marketers are learning that it's not just the environment that makes a pop-up pop. It's the location. To help...... Read full article

Agencies and Brands Connect to Develop New Revenue Streams At Events

Event Agencies are expert at designing rich brand experiences in and around major events. But now, brands are looking for more tangible metrics than eyeballs, likes and hits. Read more.... Read full article

Modular Fabrication + Agency Assets = lower-cost, rapid launch popups

Successful popups require a blend of speed, aesthetic, and quality. Modular fabrication takes care of a lot of challenges, and the ReForm system is top of the list. Read more about why Image 4 chooses this system, how it enhances speed, and saves...... Read full article

Transactional Popups Go Tech

Latest trends in engaging consumers in the event+retail space to drive on-site sales and extend the post-event conversation.... Read full article

Pop-Up Store Scouting

Insights and ideas for creating best-in class pop-up store environments. A broad-brush view of the landscape of experiential, branded retailing.... Read full article