Pricing a Pop-Up

1. Leasing

Leasing a space can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $200,000, depending on location and length of stay. In general, because Pop-Ups turn landlords’ unused space into profitable inventory, brands report leasing space for 40 to 60 percent of the going rental rate. Keep in mind that this will not be the case during the holiday season, when owners demand top dollar for retail space.

2. Experience Production

Production pricing varies widely depending on size and scale, with production often ranging from $20,000 to $750,000. Typical cost categories include:

▶ Agency Strategy, Design & Development Fees
▶ Location Research & Negotiation
▶ Licensing & Permits * (*required when product is sold and/or food or beverage service is included)
▶ Fixture/Environment Production
▶ Purchase/Rental of Decor Elements
▶ Shipping
▶ Installation/Dismantle
▶ Hiring/Training of Staff
▶ Agency Management Fees

3. Operations

Operational costs vary depending on size, scale and activity within the space. Typical cost categories include:

▶ Space Rental
▶ Related Utilities During Rental Period (electric, phone, internet)
▶ Insurance – Liability & Content
▶ Employee Cost ($X per/hr, 72 hour store week)
▶ Employee Uniforms, Nametags, Other Required Apparel
▶ Computers, Printers, Operating Software (if necessary)
▶ Security
▶ Display and/or To-Be-Sold Product
▶ Promotional Items, Giveaways, & Merchandise Boxes or Bags
▶ Measurement Components (Surveys, Handhelds, Clickers)
▶ Miscellaneous Expenses (Trash Cans, Garbage Bags, Keys, Cleaning Supplies, Tape, Pens, Paper, bathroom Supplies, etc.)

4. Additional Promotions

Pop-Ups are particularly effective when combined with other buzz-building campaigns. Some examples include:

▶ Online Promotions (Banner Ads, Microsites)
▶ Social Media Applications (Facebook, Twitter)
▶ Street Teams & Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns
▶ TV, Radio & Print Advertisements
▶ Outdoor Signage, Billboards, Vacant Store Window Graphics
▶ Coupons & Redemption Tickets
▶ Unique Promotional Materials
▶ Contests
▶ Publicity Stunts
▶ Celebrity Demonstrations
▶ Events
▶ Sponsorships

As always in live experiences, planning is paramount with Pop-ups. Poorly executed, Pop-Ups project a second-rate, temporary vibe, potentially confusing consumers about the longevity and reliability of the brand. Done correctly, Pop-Ups are valuable, cost-effective brand builders and buzz generators, creating timely, exciting and special experiences that motivate buying and encourage brand loyalty.

2828 Charter Road
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19154
United States

2828 Charter Road
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19154
United States

February 1, 2013

By Kristy Elisano