Social Media and Events: Connecting the Dots

There are constant reminders everywhere telling us that social media is important for fully integrated event marketing success. That's a no-brainer, but what isn't as obvious is how event attendees use social media. Up until now, the questions about event social media use have been lurking under the radar, but our latest study uncovers the answers.

What questions are answered:

How and why attendees are utilizing social media at events?

What platforms are favored by event attendees?

What types of content are attendees engaging with?

And much more...

How did we answer them?

First, we partnered with Exhibit Surveys, Inc. to get this study off the ground. We went after a statistically significant group of people, all of whom had attended a business event in the previous 24 months and were self-reported users of social media for professional purposes. And from January 6th to January 19th, 2015, 377 respondents from Nielsen’s business survey panel explained to us how they are using social media before, during and after events. Then we took all of this data and compiled it into easy to consume charts, graphs, and insights on how to use this information for your next event.

And we found that:

89% of our respondents said that using social media at events is at least somewhat valuable

83% said they use social media connected to business events

And a staggering 93% said dedicated social profiles for events are at least somewhat important

These are just a fraction of our findings. For a deeper look at how attendees are using social media and tips on how to foster that use towards your event goals, click below to download our latest eBriefing: Social Media and Events: Connecting the Dots.

Author: Kristy Elisano  - Caffeine dependent Jersey girl. Northeast powder hound. Inspired by creative risk takers and underdogs. VP Marketing @sparksmarketing. Doodle owner and cocreator of my daughter.

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2828 Charter Road
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United States

March 4, 2015

By Kristy Elisano