The Event Technology Landscape for 2019

There are big changes in this, our fifth time researching, categorizing, and publishing the Event Technology Landscape. With a completely overhauled structure, improved focus, and expanded portfolio of providers, the 2019 edition is truly both new and improved.

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By the Numbers

Five years ago, our first edition of our landscape, had only 144 providers included. That first edition's quantity was paltry when compared to last years' — the 2018 edition's — 244 providers.

That exponential growth has continued into the 2019 edition.

With 199 new entries, our 2019 edition grew 82% in just one year.

The 444 event technology providers on the 2019 landscape are a great embodiment of the rapid growth happening in the entire event and experiential marketing industry.

Beyond the Numbers: What's Changed for 2019?

The landscape's big growth came as we made some big decisions on how we wanted to restructure and focus our landscape. We removed some formally strong categories, like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, as those categories now have their own large landscapes. We purposefully did not include some specialized technology categories, like software that caters specifically on association events or large conference and expo floor management.

This, along with our additions and changes, resulted in an overhaul of the categories and providers included.

At a high-level, we now have seven focused categories:

  1. Event Management
  2. Attendee Tools
  3. Onsite Solutions
  4. Attendee Activation
  5. Content
  6. Virtual Events
  7. Networking & Social

These categories are on a spectrum based on who they are primarily serving. We start with solutions whose primary users are event professionals and we build out to solutions that focus primarily on the end users, our meeting and event attendees.

This overall evolution of the event technology landscape is, in many ways, mirroring the changes happening in the broader marketing technology landscape. In 2019, we are seeing the big firms, like Cvent and Aventri, continue to expand their product portfolio through acquisition. The rising starts, like Klik and Splash continue to differentiate themselves with beautiful, thoughtful design. The startups, like Zenus and Proxfinity, keep expanding the landscape with unique technologies.

Who Is Missing?

Throughout the year, as the Cramer teams connect with new event technology providers and follow the new startup launches, we were able to add nearly 200 new entries into the 2019 landscape. Yet, with the speed of growth and the diversity of new providers, we're sure to have missed someone.

Let us know who should be on our radar and potentially on next year's landscape.

Want More?

Don't miss Cramer's presentations at Event Marketer's 2018 EventTechconference, and stay tuned for our reactions from the show, further examining all the breakthrough experiential technology and trends you need to know about going into 2019.

And be sure to download the full landscape in multiple formats, including Excel, to stay on top of this rapidly growing event and experiential marketing technology industry.

425 University Ave
Norwood, Massachusetts 2062
United States

425 University Ave
Norwood, Massachusetts 2062
United States

November 14, 2018

By Kate Romano