The Top 5 TED Talks to Jumpstart Your Creativity

Here are five of Cramer’s favorite talks that have helped inspire us to kick our creative brains into action:

Seth Godin: How to Get Your Ideas To Spread

“The thing that’s going to decide what gets talked about, what gets done, what gets changed, what gets purchased, what gets built, is: is it remarkable?”

Blogger and entrepreneur Seth Godin stresses that the age of mass marketing is over, so how can we get ideas to spread? First, find the people who care about what you’re doing and second, make them notice you by doing something extraordinary. Playing it safe is out.

Dan Cobley: What Physics Taught Me About Marketing

This one is for all the liberal arts majors out there who celebrated leaving science back in High School. Dan Cobley shows us not only how physics is cool, but how it can teach us a hell of a lot about branding.

Kirby Ferguson: Embrace the Remix

“Our creativity comes from without, not from within. We are not self-made. We are dependent on one another.”

When most people think of remixes, they think of artists sampling clips of old songs and recombining them to create something new. To Kirby Ferguson, however, everything creative is a remix, and that’s a good thing.

Linda Hill: How to Manage for Collective Creativity

“Innovation is not about solo genius. It’s about collective genius.”

Harvard business professor and anthropologist Linda Hill gives examples of companies with successful strategies for collaborative innovation. Their secret? She says it’s about creating community that embraces everyone’s “slice of genius.”

Joe Sabia: The Technology of Storytelling

“The art of storytelling has remained unchanged, and for the most part, the stories are recycled. But the way that humans tell the stories has always evolved.”
Joe Sabia takes us through the evolution of storytelling, from the pop-up book to the iPad...and he does it in under four minutes. Buckle up! This is an interesting ride.

What makes TED Talks so effective?

It's not just the content, it's the structure. Our VP of Content, Angel Micarelli explains:

"There us an underlying discipline to the brand which explains why we will always recognize a TED Talk as a TED Talk—even with 14,000 different presentations delivered by different presenters."
One of the most effective workshops we run with our event clients are the "Anatomy of a TED Talk" sessions. At Cramer, we analyzed the essential elements of TED Talks, and what makes a great presentation in general, to help our clients discover the five key components of a compelling presentation.

Using TED as the model, and in fact the standard, frames up a relatable and achievable objective for our clients, whether they are guest keynote speakers, CEO's, or CMO's.

"Our clients have seen an incredible transformation in their presenters’ content, speaking skills, and confidence. And the coaching is my favorite part of my job!" - Angel Micarelli, VP, Content

Healthy creativity requires a steady diet of great ideas, and TED is just one of the resources we use to keep them flowing. To talk about the "Anatomy of a TED Talk" sessions and discover what those five key components of a compelling presentation are, get in touch!

425 University Ave
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425 University Ave
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United States

September 30, 2015

By Kate Romano