Eventive Marketing


As part of the Omnicom group, Eventive holds the unique status as a boutique agency with deep resources.

  • 25+ years in industry
  • 10,000,000+ engagements
  • Countless crafted solutions for a select group of clients that relish hands-on service and undivided attention


We know experiences can spark that relationship connection between a consumer and a brand by establishing meaningful memories. But a tool is only as effective as the person wielding it. In the right hands, a basic approach is molded into a masterpiece when the correct combination of insight, strategy, and creativity are realized.


Eventive crafts experiences (CrX) that directly engage and motivate consumers, customers, partners, fans, supporters, and employees.


We don’t believe it’s about one-shot, targeted marketing. We believe it’s more like matchmaking. Creating and growing an ideal relationship for your brand. We know it’s about applying both art and science to tell your story in the most artistic, inventive and memorable way imaginable.


We call this The Art of Experience.


The Art of Experience combines:

  • Established expertise
  • Scalability of services
  • Powerful collaborative partnership sitting at the table or behind the scenes
  • Insightful strategy that becomes the platform from which to build
  • Innovative culture that understands the value of relationship and creative-driven results


It’s creating that long-term relationship with your image, your brand, your values, your mission, your purpose. As unique as individuals are, engaging them needs to be just as unique of an experience to ensure that ideal connection.


For our clients, our approach yields an authentic connection, promotes understanding, shifts perceptions, motivates action, and rings the register.


220 E 42nd Street
12th Floor
New York 10017
United States

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220 E 42nd Street
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