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Founded in 1993, MSM is a full-service experience marketing company. We bring brand stories to life in a way that compels audiences to act for live, virtual, and integrated event experiences.

We take experiential marketing from concept through execution with a robust service offering that includes custom and rental trade show exhibits, permanent and temporary installations, pop-up and mobile brand activations, interactive digital engagement, live events, and online experiences with MSM's new virtual event solution LiVi, where live meets virtual.

As a one-stop-shop for corporate event programs, we become an extension of our client’s team. Our staff of 3D designers, graphic designers, engineers, print production specialists, custom craftsman, digital designers, and engagement strategists invest in our customers to understand their brand and their audience to solve their biggest face-to-face marketing challenges.

We take our service beyond traditional event marketing partners and support our clients in strategic planning. This includes program planning and consolidation services, measurement strategy and reporting, and scalable experiential marketing solutions that maximizes return on investment.

As a long-established event marketing partner, we are known for creating one-of-a-kind brand experiences around the world. Our dedication to our customers, relentless pursuit of innovation, unbeatable quoted pricing model, and an uncanny ability to turn around quality work in impossible timelines has resulted in long term partnerships with leading B2B and B2C brands who trust in us to flawlessly execute unforgettable experiences that drive brand loyalty, and bottom lines.

BRAND EXPERIENCES | From concept-to-execution, MSM's award winning 3D designers and customer engagement experts bring brands to life through innovative experiences that compel audiences to take action.

INERACTIVE STORYTELLING | MSM's ExperiDigital team created an interactive experience fit for the global stage for Cisco at the 2020 World Economic Forum.

VIRTUAL EVENT EXPERIENCES | MSM's proprietary virtual engagement solution LiVi (where live meets virtual) is built for brands to better engage with their remote audiences.


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United States

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  • Corporate Event Marketing Program Strategy & Planning
  • Live, Virtual & Integrated Event Design & Execution
  • Creative Services - 3D, graphics, video, interactive
  • In-House Production & Installation Services
  • Digital Engagement & Production Services (ExperiDigital)
  • Proprietary Virtual Event Solution (LiVi)
  • On-Site Logistics & Execution
  • Program Planning and Consolidation Services
  • Exhibit & Event Rental Solutions
  • Turnkey Asset Management Portal


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